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Tesla Model 3 sales beat BMW 3-Series and Mercedes C-Class during first quarter in California, says report… https://t.co/1Ok6WJRkFo

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Grimes, who's dating some guy named Elon Musk, sees streams go waaay up on Spotify https://t.co/E7NGW1rxHM https://t.co/TUhmPvY9QM

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@mashable Was sad to see G getting tons of undeserved flak because of me, so I’m glad there’s some good too ♥️🎼🐇. Her music is incredible.

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A much needed perspective #bitcoin May 23, 2013 MC 1,475,270,000 May 23, 2014 MC 7,399,880,000 May 23, 2015 MC 3,… https://t.co/9dgZfafNrp

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Bitcoin gets a lot of flak for being extremely conservative about new code, but stuff like the Verge hack and the B… https://t.co/esY6hmfGMP

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It’s official: @SpaceX is the most disruptive company in the world, ranking #1 on @CNBC’s 2018 #Disruptor50 list.… https://t.co/VIJ2iZuYLI

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@BruceLP4NV When I'm a has-been, I'll still be better than a never-been.

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More photos from today’s Falcon 9 launch → https://t.co/095WHX44BX https://t.co/K2QlUnwKcJ

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Could be best quote from Trump since election: “Your vote in 2018 is every bit as important as your vote in 2016.… https://t.co/srYIuvw8gu

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.@rdfrsTIES ensures that teachers are well-equipped to teach #evolution! Your donations allow us to help more teach… https://t.co/3ALaYlRFa3

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This is the result of almost 20 years of socialist revolution in Venezuela. A sad reality. #Chavismo #May22 https://t.co/vS58mxF8hj

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Venezuela's annual inflation rate measured for today = 16,960%. Socialism does not work... https://t.co/8Dmuew0nP5

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1. Sound money 2. Open source development team highly skilled at securing sound money 3. Community held together by… https://t.co/MrTiaVMIoJ

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More than 100,000,000 people have been killed after being disarmed by global Communism in the last 70 years. Their… https://t.co/8w3isK1P52

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‘We Sell AR-15’s Because We’re Not Dick’s,’ Pawn Shop Trolls Sporting Goods Chain - https://t.co/2PFxZVB3CH #2A #USA